The Best Makeup Looks From The Met Gala 2017

I was one of those people that was up, hitting refresh on Twitter, trying to see all the fashion and makeup looks from the Met Gala as the celebs were walking the carpet. Every year the Met Gala is themed and this year they were honouring, Japanese designer, Rei Kawakubo. It was really disappointing to see that not many guests chose to follow the theme especially as the Met Gala is the event that guests can showcase designers that create works of art. However, there was loads of makeup looks that caught my eye so I thought I would do a rundown of my fave looks from the night.

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I had to start this post with Rihanna, hand's down she had the best outfit and makeup look from the whole night! She looked flawless in her dress that was dead on the theme for this year and I really like how she incorporated the colours of her dress into her makeup. Rihanna wore pink all over her eyes, smoked onto her lower lash line and blended down onto her cheeks. Her highlighter is great at breaking up all the pink she's wearing on her face. I really love the look of the same colour on the cheeks and on the eyes. She finished off the look with a dark pink lip which I like as it stands out as it's a different tone from the rest of her makeup. This is defo giving me inspiration for spring!

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Katy Perry completely stunned me when I saw the videos and photos of her arriving at the event. I loved her gown and how much detailed was put into it. Katy had one of the best beauty looks from the night for me because of the bold eye and bold lip combo that she went for. She went for a purple glittery eye that was smoked out in the crease with a brown eyeshadow. She paired this with a red sparkly lip that was a couple shades darker than her dress. It's a stunning look and really makes her face stand out from underneath her veil.

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I think the makeup look that Lily Collins went for totally suits her. Just look how flawless her skin looks! The main focal point of this look is this gorgeous dark berry lip. I love a good dark vampy lip and think they look stunning on all year round. She paired her normal bold brows with barely anything on the lid and spidery lashes. I know loads of people hate spidery lashes but I kind of like the look they give. For her cheeks she didn't put a lot of colour on her porcelain complexion, which just warms up her face a bit, and really draws attention to her lips. 

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Zendaya wore this beautiful orange lipstick which matched the accents on her dress. I don't think I can rock an orange lip so I love seeing when other people can. I like that her cheeks have the same orangey tones as her lips and dress so really brought together her look well. Her eyes stand out thanks to the bronze colours she wore that were smoked out on her lower lash line too.
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Moving onto Emma Roberts who had one of the best makeup looks from the Met Gala for me as it's the look I would mostly likely to wear. The legendary Charlotte Tilbury did her makeup for the night and she looked very glamorous. A full rundown of all the makeup products that Charlotte Tilbury used is on her Instagram (link here). I like how her eyebrows are full but still like natural and i'm a big fan of the big fluttery lashes she wore. The eyeshadow that Charlotte used on Emma was a shimmery gold and bronze colour that was smoked out on the lower lash line too. Her skin looks flawless thanks to the subtle rosy cheeks and the highlighter combo. On her lips she wore, the famous, Pillow Talk. Her look makes me want to stock up on a lot of Charlotte Tilbury products!!

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Lupita Nyong'o wore a completely fun look and in every pic I saw her skin was literally glowing! I love that she wore so many colours on her eyes; yellow, green, purple and pink. I totally want to try recreating this look, mixing a combo of bright colours together on my eyes. She wore just a subtle hint of blush and colour on the lips to keep the main focus of her makeup on her eyes.

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Evan Rachel Woods gave off a black swan vibe with her makeup and I really like how eye-catching this look is. I love the mixture of structured eyeshadow mixed with smudgy lines. Her eyebrows are blended into her eyeshadow which makes her eyes stand out more as it's not broken up with bold brows. Lips were kept this pretty nude colour and a nice swipe of blush makes her cheekbones stand out.

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I'm finishing up this list of best makeup looks from the Met Gala with Mandy Moore. Mandy wore an all black dress so the injection of colour with this eyeshadow is great to see. I really like the swipe of purple all over her lids and under her eyes. It gives off a youthful, effortless look that is perfect for Spring. I like the little dot of silver highlighter, in her inner corners, which opens up her eyes. She kept this look fresh with glowy skin and just a subtle pink colour on the cheeks and lips. 

Did you watch the Met Gala? I'd love to know what your fave looks were from the night were! I really liked doing this different type of post on the best beauty looks from the night.. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future as I had a lot of fun writing this post.




  1. I love the range of different makeup looks here, each so different but so cool! i especially love Emma Roberts look.


    1. I loved looking at all the different looks from the night.. Emma Roberts was my fave look from the night xx


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