My 4 Go To Lip Products

I need to start this blog post off with a little bit of an apology. I feel so bad that I haven't posted for a whole two weeks now. I don't know what happened but these last couple of weeks I haven't really felt like blogging at all. That was until last night when I felt super motivated and I wrote two new posts. I'm really excited that I got my motivation back and I can get back into blogging.

So in this blog post, I'm going to give you a rundown of the lip products that I am always reaching for at the minute. I normally stick to the same products that I love when I do my makeup until I find new products that I like. So I've noticed for almost 2 months now these are the lip products I'm always wearing. There's two lipsticks that I have been wearing during the day, a liquid lipstick I normally wear on nights out and a lip liner that I normally pair with all of these lip products.

Makeup Revolution Renaissance Lipstick in Vow, £4:
I need to start off by talking about how gorgeous the packaging of this lipstick is! I love the rose gold packaging and how weighty it feels. It's an obvious dupe of the Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks but it has the same luxurious feel to it and for £4 it is an utter steal! Moving on to talk about the lipstick, Vow is a proper true brown shade. What I love about this lipstick is how creamy it is on the lips, it is defo the creamiest lipstick I've ever tried. That's why it's one of my go to lip products because I never need to worry about the condition of my lips when I wear this. There is a downside to how creamy it is though and that is it does transfer a lot. I find it lasts on me for like 3-4 hours. This is defo one that you have to keep topping up throughout the day especially if you are gonna eat or drink a lot. I do find that this shade does fade down nicely and doesn't leave a noticeable ring where the product has worn off which is nice as it's not as obvious when it comes off.

Rimmel Only 1 Matte Lipstick in Trendsetter, £6.99:
Trendsetter is a dusty rose lipstick that I really like the colour of as it isn't too overly pink. It's a non-drying lipstick that will sit comfortably on your lips during the day which is why I have been wearing it a lot recently. It does feel creamy on but is nowhere as creamy as the Makeup Revolution one. As it isn't transfer proof it lasts around 5 hours on me which I think is pretty good for a lipstick. I just need to mention the one little thing I don't like about this lipstick which is the smell! It has that overly fake watermelon smell to it but luckily once it has been applied you can't smell it anymore.

Nyx Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Corset, £7:
Out of the bunch, this is defo my fave and I've been loving it since December!! It's a nude brown liquid lipstick which applies really nicely as the wand is really long. Once on it dries down super matte and can settle into the lines on the lip. I don't mind it drying down really matte because I know once I've put it on it's not going anywhere. This is my go-to lip product for a night out when I do a very dark brown/black smokey eye as I never wear proper nudes during the day anymore. I have found this lasts on my lips 6/7 + hours.

Mac Cork Lip Liner, £13:
I'm a sucker for a lip liner, my lip liner collection is always growing and I never do a lip without one! This is the lip liner that if I could only have one then this is what it would be. I really like that it is the perfect brown shade where it can be worn with nudes but it is also dark enough to be worn with brown lips too. I wear Cork with Vow, Trendsetter & Corset and it compliments the different shades really well.

So those were the lip products that I am constantly reaching for at the moment. What your go-to lip products? It would be good to get some new recommendations of which lip products I should try out next.



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Boots Haul & First Impressions

I popped into Boots the other day, only meaning to pick up a foundation as my Kat Von D one ran out suddenly. There were a couple of offers on, so I got a bit sucked in and ended up walking out with a good-sized amount for a haul post. Two of the products I picked up were repeat purchases but the rest I hadn't tried out before. As I've tried out everything a couple of times now I thought I'd include a little first impressions to let you know what I think about them so far.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel foundation, in 52 Vanilla, £10.99
I picked up this foundation, the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum, as I ran out of foundation just before a night out and needed to go to the shops quickly to pick up one. I've read so many great reviews on it recently and heard it's great for people with dry skin. Every time I've worn it I've been so surprised with how my skin looks! It makes skin look natural, radiant, and it builds up to quite a good coverage. I feel like I've come across a winner as after a couple of hours it doesn't settle into my dry skin which so many other foundations do. A nice added bonus is it smells really nice and fruity. The only downside I've found so far is when I've used it with my Spectrum Wonder Sponge & Spectrum Buffing Brush I've noticed it eats up a lot of product so I'm trying to find a brush that won't absorb it as much.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer in 01 Ivory, £7.99
So this one isn't a new product for me, I've almost finished one up and liked it so much I wanted to get another one before it ran out. This concealer gives such a great, bright, under eye highlight. The consistency of this is a bit on the thick side but it gives high coverage and it covers up dark circles really well. The only thing to note about this concealer is it has pinky undertones to it and my skin has more of a yellow undertone to it. Once it's on the face blended out and set with powder I think it works though and it doesn't look weird that it isn't yellow toned like the rest of my face.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick, in 07 Nude-ist, £8.99
Boots were having a 3 for 2 on Bourjois products and I've never tried any lip products out from them before so thought I'd give this product a go. I'm a total nude with brown undertones kind of a lip girl and was trying to look for a colour like that but when I was swatching the lipsticks in the store the nudes came off as too orangey for my likings. So I went for this reddish pink shade which is a bit different from what I normally go for. When I first tried it on I noticed that it comes off way as a pink than a red shade. I really like how smooth and creamy this feels on my lips. It takes a while to dry but it doesn't have an overly drying formula at all. I have found this lipstick transfers a bit when eating or drinking but it turns into a pretty stain look throughout the day.

L'Oreal Miss Baby Roll Mascara, £7.99
If you read my Beauty Wishlist post, link here, then you would have seen that this was one of the beauty products that I wanted to try out. It's got a pretty interesting wand, as you can see from the picture, it is in the shape of a twirl. I haven't seen a mascara wand like this before! From the first time I used this I really liked this mascara, it makes my lashes really long while giving them a great boost of volume.

Maybelline Colour Tattoo 24hr Cream Gel Eyeshadow,  in Creme de Nude, £5.99
I recently ran out of the eye primer I was using which was Mac's Soft Ochre and to be honest I've been a bit lazy and just been using concealer to prime my eyes. I've seen on a couple of blogs people comparing it to the Mac paint pot I was using before and decided to give it a go as you can literally buy almost 3 of these for the price of 1 Mac one. Unlike the Mac version it doesn't blend out nicely on my eyelid with a brush, it came off as patchy. But when I warm up the product with my fingers and apply it with my fingers it creates an even base. Eyeshadows layer well on top of this so I'm pretty happy with this dupe.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Light, £5.99
Boots were having a buy one get one half price on Maybelline so I decided to pick up this concealer up. I'm a bit disappointed with it because I picked up the lightest shade and it's a shade too dark for me. First impressions of this concealer, it does have a pretty high coverage to it. I found that it did a good job of covering my acne scarring. Hopefully, I will get a bit of a tan this summer so I can try this out properly.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre Nourishing Moisturiser, £13
I've just run out of the moisturiser I was using so I decided to go back to an old favourite. This multi-use product can be used as primer, moisturiser and makeup remover among other things. I normally just use it as a moisturiser as it is really hydrating. I think it's perfect for anyone that suffers from really dry skin. If I'm wearing makeup I'll always put on a primer on top just to make sure my makeup doesn't sink into any dry patches during the day. But if you have normal to combo skin this might work well as a primer for you.

So that was my little Boota haul with a bunch of first impressions.. Are there any products you've picked up recently?


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Skincare Products I've Been Testing Out

These skincare products were included in the goodie bag that I received from the Glamour Beauty Festival this year. I thought I would share with you these two cleansers and face mist as I've been really enjoying testing them out. I've been using these products for awhile now and only have a little amount left in each. What I like about these skincare bits is they work great with my dry skin, are very gentle and they don't dry out my skin any further.

Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, 50ml, £12.50
This cleanser is extra gentle, removes everyday impurities and makeup even mascara without stripping the skin of essential moisture. It also works to tone, soothe, and soften the skin for a radiant, healthy-looking complexion. This cleanser has a gel consistency so I've been using it in the shower. What I like about this is, the description is 100% right about not removing moisturise from your skin, it does not dry out my face at all! A lot of gel cleansers and face washes I've used in the past have so I'm really loving this one doesn't do that. It's very gentle and even when I use it on my eyes it didn't sting them at all. I'm not sure about the claim that it makes skin radiant though, I haven't seen a noticeable difference with that really.

Here's a little rundown of the ingredients; Amino acid-rich soy proteins that help maintain elasticity and healthy skin, Rosewater for its calming and balancing properties, Cucumber extract aids in soothing the skin and Borage seed oil helps to nourish. This cleanser is for all skin types but I've found it is especially kind if you are on the drier side. I completely agree that it's booth soothing and nourishing, after using this my face feels clean and left hydrated. The one thing I don't really like about this cleanser is the smell as the mixture of cucumber and rosewater is something I'm really not keen on. 

This product is my fave out of the bunch to use recently because of hot it has been lately. This face mist instantly refreshes skin and protects it from external aggressions that dehydrate skin: UV, pollution and oxidation. It's targeted for dehydrated skin and contains SPF 30. It can even be used over makeup. It combines antioxidant pomegranate, hydrating glycerin and UV filtersI really like how after using this spray it leaves skin feeling very soft. It doesn't leave a film over face, it's not sticky and it gives skin a boost of hydration and protects the skin which is great. One thing I wish about the product is that it would have more of a cooling effect to it as I feel like other ones on the market are. But I've been liking throwing this product into my handbag and using throughout the day as the bottle is quite small. I'm not a fan of floral smells normally but I actually like the smell of the pomegranate extract in this.

This cleanser traps impurities in the skin (sebum, pollution, oil & traces of makeup) so they can be wiped away easily. Moisturises and soothes the skin so it is clean and soft. The fragrance of orange and lemon blossom, watermelon and mint leaves. Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. I have been enjoying this micellar water to remove my makeup with because it literally makes makeup glide off my face really easily. I don't have to scrub to remove makeup even mascara! It is gentle on the skin and my face feels really clean after using it.  However, this is another one where I'm not too sure I like the scent. I like the bit of lemon that comes through but the watermelon scent overpowers it a bit too much.

So overall, they are lovely products and I'm actually quite sad that I'll be finishing the face mist soon. I am defo going to get another one of these when I run out to carry around this summer. One product that I do like switching up and trying lots of, is cleansers. I already have three on my beauty wish list so I will be trying out those instead of getting these again. I would love to know which skincare bits you've been trying out?


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